The Brave Little Tailor (A Grimm and Gross Retelling)

Brave Little Tailor Cover

Created for Capstone, this kid’s chapter book features a collection of full color illustrations and ink sketches.

Editor’s description: “A jar of jam and a bunch of flies start off this not-quite-normal adventure. A young tailor named Abraham Spoke swats seven of the flies with one smack of his belt. He’s so impressed by his own bravery that he sews the words “SEVEN IN ONE STROKE” on his belt. As Abe travels the world, everyone who reads those words assumes the little guy is strong and powerful. Which can be dangerous when giants and clever kings challenge Abe to prove his might! This fractured retelling of a The Valiant Little Tailor, a lesser-known tale from the Brothers Grimm, will make readers giggle, groan, and gasp with delight. Especially when they read about how Abe faces his biggest problem because he mumbles in his sleep!”

Brave Little Tailor Cover 3 Brave Little Tailor Cover 2 Brave Little Tailor Cover 1


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