Bird Boy (A Grimm and Gross Retelling)

Bird Boy Book

Created for Capstone, this kid’s chapter book features a collection of full color illustrations and ink sketches.

Editor’s description: “Birdy got his name when a forest worker found him up in a tree as a small child. The forest worker’s daughter becomes Birdy’s best friend. But Sanna the cook hatches an evil plan involving the strange boy and a boiling pot of water. Yummy! But only if you like roasted Bird. The two friends find out about the plot and flee into the woods–and that’s when the magic happens. Weird magic, but still magic. This fractured retelling of The Foundling-Bird, a lesser-known tale from the Brothers Grimm, will make readers giggle, groan, and gasp with delight. Especially when they find out what happens to the evil cook!”


Bird Boy 1 Bird Boy 2


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