12 Rules of Survival Book Cover

12 Rules of Survival Cover

Book cover for the great Nicholas Belardes and published by the University of Arizona’s YA site, Pine Reads Reviews.

Here’s the description from Nicholas’s site:

What’s THE 12 RULES OF SURVIVAL about? A boy named Cameron. A Mexican-American family he never knew, including his mom, grandma, sisters and cousins. His friends: Clayton and Denise. His nemesis: Mason. His dog Snapers. A Millennium Falcon Hideout. A Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) named Gabby. And a monster mountain that swallows not only the TBM, but Cameron’s dad who is piloting it through the San Gabriel Mountains when an earthquake traps him and others. Lucky for Cameron and his dad, they already have 12 rules of survival from something horrible that happened a few summers ago at Big Bear.


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