Monsters In Charleston

Monster In Charleston Cover

Twelve of the Lowcountry’s most reviled creatures can be found squished together in ghoulishly vivid color. Tour the old town through monstrous new eyes as these (sometime slimy) visitors stomp, slide and rip their way through famous sites such as: The Battery, Folly Beach and A Swamp!

A Valentine For Frankenstein Book

Created for Lerner and Carolrhoda Books. Story description: Frankenstein isn’t your typical monster. For starters, he only has one head, just two eyes, and no tail. And worst of all, he’s sort of nice! Frankenstein quickly realizes his friendly behavior is out of place at the Valentine’s Day Bash. There’s one monster, though, who likes that Frankenstein is different. Can …

Nian, The Chinese New Year Dragon Book

Nian, The Chinese New Year Dragon Book

Due to be released this December, Nian is published by the great people at Sleeping Bear Press. Stay tuned for more posts and updates about this book

12 Rules of Survival Book Cover

12 Rules of Survival Cover

Book cover for the great Nicholas Belardes and published by the University of Arizona’s YA site, Pine Reads Reviews. Here’s the description from Nicholas’s site: What’s THE 12 RULES OF SURVIVAL about? A boy named Cameron. A Mexican-American family he never knew, including his mom, grandma, sisters and cousins. His friends: Clayton and Denise. His nemesis: Mason. His dog Snapers. …

Hans In Luck (A Grimm and Gross Retelling)

Hans In Luck Book

Hans works faithfully for the farmer for seven years. At the end of his service, his master gives him a lump of gold the size of his head! Hans heads off to make his fortune, but soon the gold becomes too heavy to carry. In a series of hilarious encounters with other travelers, Hans ends up trading one thing for …

The Brave Little Tailor (A Grimm and Gross Retelling)

Brave Little Tailor Cover

Created for Capstone, this kid’s chapter book features a collection of full color illustrations and ink sketches. Editor’s description: “A jar of jam and a bunch of flies start off this not-quite-normal adventure. A young tailor named Abraham Spoke swats seven of the flies with one smack of his belt. He’s so impressed by his own bravery that he sews the …

Bird Boy (A Grimm and Gross Retelling)

Bird Boy Book

Created for Capstone, this kid’s chapter book features a collection of full color illustrations and ink sketches. Editor’s description: “Birdy got his name when a forest worker found him up in a tree as a small child. The forest worker’s daughter becomes Birdy’s best friend. But Sanna the cook hatches an evil plan involving the strange boy and a boiling …

Whine Down


This is a mega project!  A major book creation, branding and packaging project that will eventually feature a bespoke wine.  Can’t wait to see this finished and in stores.