Bobo Visits Charlestowne Landing

Bobo visits Charlestowne Landing

The latest pic for the book is here!  Bobo, on loan from a local animal sanctuary, can be seen enjoying an up-close look at the Godspeed.


Monster In Charleston Cover

With six monsters completed and six more on their way, the MONSTERS IN CHARLESTON book is set to be finished by the first of December. I’m asking my fellow monster fans to reserve your own copy(s) now. You’ll be the first to receive the book and you will also be helping me complete my mission of capturing these monsters in …

Ball Point Gallery – Original Ink Sketches

friedrich-detail 3

Introducing the Ball Point Gallery.  Beautifully rendered ballpoint ink sketches of my favorite subjects: strange little characters and monsters.  Look for new images to show up from time to time in the Shop, and check out the ones available there now.