Charleston Magazine “Art In The Family” Feature

Tim in Charleston Magazine

Excited and honored to be featured in this months Charleston Magazine.  Working as an artist in the Holy City can be challenging, but the scenery and location is amazing.  And being called out by the town’s mag is a special moment in my career here.  Please check out the article online or you can find it at the newsstand.  Also, you can …

The Political Machine created for College of Charleston Magazine

Politcal Machine for College of Charleston

Happy Election Tuesday.  I’m excited to share my latest illustration for CofC magazine, The Political Machine.  All of the elements of well-oiled operation working to get their candidate elected.  A good reminder that any individual running for office is actually supported by a team of political.  So enjoy this analogy as you go out and vote for your favorite candidate.

MONSTERS Endpaper Design

MIC Endpapers

Every book deserves great endpapers, and MONSTERS IN CHARLESTON is no exception.  That’s why I came up with this epic monster battle happening in Charleston’s harbor.  Color is still being decided, but I think this will make a great addition to the final book.