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Charleston Magazine’s Featured Artist

I’m excited to be in the pages of Charleston Magazine. Check out the article here online or buy a copy at the newsstand. Also, my pic “Teddy” is featured prominently as the Channel Markers image for this issue.

The father of three daughters under six, Banks is a full-time artist whose fanciful work spans several mediums, from children’s books (he has some 15 titles to his name) to avant-garde magazine covers and animations for app Achoo Gaboo, a fusion of a traditional children’s book with an interactive game component.Charleston Magazine
Charleston Magazine

Hi and welcome to my portfolio. I’m Timothy Banks, an artist from Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve worked with some really great people including Paste Magazine, Faber & Faber and Nike. Click here to check out some of my latest books and prints for sale, or take a second and get in touch with me about your next project.

Email me! mail(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)timothybanks.com

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